SweatStop® Upside Down Spray Forte Max Feet 100ml | 23 – 9012

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SweatStop is a range of topical products for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, available in different strengths for mild, moderate and excessive sweating. Treatment options offered are for the hands, feet, underarms, face, head and body. It is conveniently packaged in spray bottles, pump bottles and roll-ons.

SweatStop® Forte Max is recommended if you tend to sweat excessively and spontaneously on your feet, even without physical exertion. It stops sweat and odor efficiently with 24 hour protection.


SweatStop® antiperspirants have to be applied before going to bed on clean and dry skin.
In order for the solution to permeate the area, activities that could result in sweating need to be avoided, e.g. exercise.
Spray to the soles of the feet once. Allow application to dry before putting on clothes to avoid stains. Repeat application every 2-3 days. Results may be seen within 3 uses. In some cases results may take longer. Please note this product has a strong smell on application.

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