Aquex Hands and Feet

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Aquex is a “tap water lontophoresis” (TWI) system.

TWI is widely considered to be one of the most effective, safest, and cost-effective treatment options available. It has been used to effectively manage hyperhidrosis for over 40 years.

TWI is drug-free, safe and proven to have an effectiveness of 98% for hyperhidrosis sufferers. There is only a moderate initial cost for the device with very little maintenance. Ongoing costs are minimal.

TWI treatment consists of introducing the treatment area (hands or feet, for example) to water which has a mild and safe electrical current for short periods of time.

The set comes complete with a digital Aquex module, a carrying case that doubles as two treatment trays, one AC adapter and plug, red and black electrode cables, two aluminum electrodes and two dye free treatment towels.

Optional Axillary Kit can be purchased additionally for the treatment of the under arm area. It comes complete with two electrodes and two axillary pads.

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