Cortex Dermascan Combo

The Dermascan is a real-time scanner, single parameter, high frequency ultrasound unit mainly used by medical professionals and corporates for R&D for skin examination and documentation relating to results with skincare products. This is the top of the range unit offered by Cortex which is equipped to provide in-depth analysis measurements within the skin. Measure the size of objects such as nevi, scar tissue, melanoma as well as skin thickness and collagen. The full-featured advanced control and analysis software package will allow you to analyse measurements. This includes an unlimited licence for the software, main unit and probe, cradle and footswitch to allow hands free examination. The main unit is a laptop installed with windows and the software required for analysis. The probe included is a 20MHz, 2D probe with 12.1mm scanlength, 13mm focus and 60 x 150 µm resolution.

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