Dermlite DL1

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DL1 packs the effective polarized illumination that makes the top-of-the-line DermLite devices so convenient & powerful into a digital dermoscopy solution designed for your smartphone or tablet.

Our designers squeezed a superb, full-size 15 mm lens that’s optimized for mobile devices, high-powered LED lighting and a high-performance rechargeable battery into an all-aluminum design smaller than your ring finger.

Connect it to virtually any smartphone or tablet via the included magnetic adapter MCC (or, optionally, one of our device-specific MagnetiConnect® Connection Kits), and capture images of excellent clarity and sharpness in both polarized and non-polarized modes. One polarized and one non-polarized spacer are included with each unit.

Conveniently, its battery can be recharged using any USB port or charger and, due to its unique lighting angle, it works just as well for general exams as it does for dermoscopy. That’s versatility with vision.

About the size of a stick of gum

Takes superb images with your smartphone

Works with virtually any smartphone or tablet right out of the box

Clips to your shirt or your iPhone

Cross-polarized and non-polarized modes

Glass faceplate with 10 mm scale

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