Dermlite DL5

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When screening your patients at a distance, DL5’s high-powered torch LED provides phenomenal illumination to larger areas or hard-to-reach localizations, eliminating the dark center associated with using a dermatoscope’s main LEDs.

With the world’s first variable polarization system in a hybrid dermatoscope, DermLite® DL5 lets you uncover a whole new layer in handheld dermoscopy.

Not only can you toggle between polarized and non-polarized modes, now you’re able to visualize extremely superficial structures under parallel polarization and, as you scroll through the entire polarization range using its amazing scroll-and-push button dial, optically explore a lesion’s visual depths.

You’ll discover that nothing boosts your dermoscopy superpowers like DL5.

32 mm lens system with true 10x magnification reveals more than ever. While setting a new benchmark for up-close resolution, its performance at greater eye distances is our best yet.

With 365nm UV in your pocket at 10x, DL5 brings you Wood-mode superpowers of a new dimension.
See fluorescing features like never before — assess the efficacy of acne treatment, discover exciting presentations of pigmented, vascular or inflammatory lesions, or visualize bacterial and fungal infections on skin, nail, or mucosa.

Need to measure a lesion? DL5’s ergonomic handle comes with a removable, magnetically attached 100 mm ruler. Simply slide it off and its circular markings make it easier than ever to assess a lesion or choose the proper biopsy punch.

DL5 lets you enjoy your powers much longer on a single charge, thanks to a battery that’s more than twice the capacity of DL4.
Keep it charged on the included desktop charging base — which doubles as home base for your IceCap® supply. It even lets you charge a second DermLite or your phone using its front-facing 5V USB port, or use the supplied USB-C cable; regardless, DL5’s 4-level charge indicator always keeps you up to date.


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