Dermlite Handyscope

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A cooperation with FotoFinder, the DermLite handyscope® smartphone dermatoscope has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate tool specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. Compatible with most Apple or Android smartphones or tablets right out of the box, the innovative device allows for DermLite-quality polarized & non-polarized dermoscopy and even clinical images illuminated by an on-board ultra-bright LED.

Compatible with your Device. And your Life.
Attaching Handyscope to your smartphone’s or tablet’s protective case is easy. Simply clamp the included MCC™ adapter over your device and attach Handyscope; its integrated magnets achieve a secure hold. Or, stick one of three adhesive steel rings to the back of your device, as long as its back is not glass. Of course, Handyscope is compatible with any existing DermLite Connection Kit or you may already own.

Control it from the App and Get Diagnostic Support
While Handyscope’s lighting modes can be activated via its integrated button, download FotoFinder’s free handyscope pro app for iOS or Android and control Handyscope directly from an app that puts analysis tools including second opinion from renowned experts right at your fingertips.

Contact & Non-Contact
Handyscope comes with a removable snap-on glass faceplate for both contact & non-contact dermoscopy, covering the complete range of imaging modalities, from liquid-immersion pigmented lesion dermoscopy to non-contact capture of vascular structures in amazing clarity without the undesired effects from glass-slide compression.

To assist your institution’s infection control measures, DermLite handyscope is compatible with IceCap, disposable covers that simply snap over the faceplate spacer.

Built for your Longest Day
DermLite handyscope has been designed to last through hundreds of exams, comes with a four-level battery indicator, and its built-in lithium-ion battery may be recharged from any USB port via the included USB-C to USB cable. Now that you can work for days, when will you start using DermLite handyscope?

The DermLite handyscope set includes:

10x polarized & non-polarized dermatoscope
2 snap-in glass faceplates
3 MagnetiConnect Rings
Soft Carrying Case with Lanyard
IceCap sample supply
USB to USB-C charging cable.

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