Coming soon – The FlexSys will offer the following options in addition to the excimer light module. The unit can be customized to your specification from the available modules and applicators. The FlexSys is the white design, while the ExSys is blue.

The FlexSys is a modular platform system that can be equipped with up to five different modules for the treatment of various indications. In the first step, you purchase the base station with a module of your choice (e.g. base station + green laser module 532 nm). If required, you can then add further modules to the FlexSys – but due to the modular design, you only need one base station. The FlexSys thus covers a broad treatment spectrum.

The base unit provides enough space for up to two internal laser modules as well as additional, external light modules. Each laser module can be conveniently operated with a handy scanner. A practical handpiece is also available for the green and yellow modules.

Due to the tailor-made operating system, the FlexSys base unit is intuitively designed with an interface that ensures convenient menu navigation via touchscreen at all times.

The FlexSys uses labeled icons to guide you through the treatment. Based on clinical data, the system provides you with suggestions for the technical treatment parameters.

For further information visit https://flexsys-laser.de

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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