Hairmax Pro Scalp Serum

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RSN8® Pro Scalp Infusion is an innovative treatment that rejuvenates, stimulates and nourishes your scalp. The proprietary Bio-Active complex provides your hair and scalp with increased energy, stimulation and nourishment is achieved through a targeted liposome delivery system. Supports increased blood flow and slows down premature aging of the hair. Increases circulation in the skin and reduces trans epidermal water loss, which improves the skin’s barrier function.

  • Helps fight the signs of biological aging
  • Nourishes and fortifies hair and scalp
  • Supports youthful scalp
  • Contains anti-inflammatories to support scalp health
  • Contains hyaluronic acid for deep hydration
  • Low pH for gentle exfoliation and to help strengthen the scalp’s protective barrier

Before bed, separate dry hair and apply drops to scalp with dropper provided. Massage scalp area with finger tips to ensure even distribution. Do not rinse. Enjoy the relaxing essential oil fragrance while your scalp rejuvenates during your sleep.

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