D200Evo Dermagraphix and Hairmetrix

The D200 Evo from Canfield Scientific – a high-resolution dermatoscope which provides quality, flexibility and efficiency–all in a compact, hand-held system.

A mole mapping system that supports all of your lesion monitoring needs: Close-up image capture with standardized daylight and cross-polarized lighting at 15x to 200x magnification, as well as clinical image captures and scores provided for lesions.

This unit affords you the flexibility to use a laptop or dekstop PC. This is purchased separately. Specs for the computer will be supplied on enquiry.

D200evo is fully integrated with DermaGraphix® body mapping software to deliver fast and repeatable lesion management.

Easily link each close up image to its corres­ponding tagged lesion on the body map.

The DermaGraphix dashboard organizes dermoscopy images for optimal review and assessment.

Side-by-side comparison of overview and dermoscopic images.

  • Unique camera touch display
  • Brilliant epiluminescence microscopy
  • Cross-polarized and non-polarized attachments
  • 15x–200x magnification
  • Autofocus for precise overview images
  • Clinical images in 6.5MP quality
  • USB

In addition the Hairmetrix module, fully integrated on the same system, is the first AI-driven non-invasive hair consultation. This provides a fully automated real-time scalp analysis, requires no hair clipping, and allows for appropriate treatment plans and objective outcome monitoring to be easily communicated to your patients.

HairMetrix Benefits
  • Fully automated unclipped analysis
  • Follicular unit vellus/terminal ratio
  • Objective outcome tracking
  • Uses latest AI algorithms
  • Easy photography by office staff
  • No special scalp or hair preparation
  • Immediately convert patients to hair services
  • No outside lab required

Current price within South Africa for the Dermagraphix and Hairmetrix Software R409 999 incl. VAT

Please contact us for an updated quote to your location.

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