Enerpeel Salicylic Acid 15%

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20 peels per kit:

4 boxes with 5 peels, 8 wipes and 8 brushes per box.

Brought to you from Tebitech in Italy, Enerpeel takes chemical peels to an entirely new level. Each peel is supplied pre-packed for an individual patient, complete with pre-packed prep solution and remover wipes. The chemical used for the peel is packed in 2ml squeezable tubes. Twist the seal and attach the brush that is supplied. After use, remove the brush and replace the seal. Any chemical that is unused can be stored for the patient’s next peel or for the next patient.

Composition: SALICYLIC ACID 15%, Triethyl Citrate; Ethyl Linoleate; GT-peptide-10
Chemoexfoliation: very superficial – superficial
Number of layers: One layer – superficial, mulitple layers – superficial medium – medium
Application time before neutralisation: 2-10 min, depending on patient reaction.
Number of peels per series: 1-4, minimum 10 days apart
No of series per year: 2-3

Application method: Prepare skin removing lipids with Enerpeel PS wipes. Apply chemoexfoliant solution using the special applicator brush. Wait unti the set time has passed, the neutralise with Enerpeel remover wipes.

INDICATIONS: Mild-moderate comedonic and inflammatory acne located on the face (indicated in the early adolescence and on sensitive skin)

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