IQ Ultimate Chambers

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The IQ Ultimate™ patch test units from Chemotechnique has important new features due to it’s new carrier tape. The test unit is based on the widely used IQ Ultra™. The three features below are unique for IQ Ultimate™.
Water resistant – permits showering
Elastic – allows normal daily activities
Transparent – facilitates reading of the tests

Each chamber is made of additive-free polyethylene plastic foam with a filter paper incorporated.
The rim of each chamber has an adhesive layer to optimize adhesion to the skin and to eliminate leakage. This makes IQ Ultimate™ a closed-cell system enhancing occlusion and confining the test reaction within the chamber parameter. This feature is crucial in standardized patch testing which is based on the concept dose/area and the area has to be exactly defined.

The chambers are made of thin and soft polyethylene foam material to maximize patient comfort.

A hypoallergenic transparent carrier film is used for the IQ Ultimate™.
Each strip of 10 chambers of IQ Ultimate™ is attached to a protective plastic cover with corresponding compartments which makes it possible to re-attach the tape after advance filling of the chambers with the haptens.

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