MediPatch Ultra

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MediPatch Ultra is a unique transparent plaster for acne and small wounds. Apply MediPatch to whiteheads, papules and pustules or as a dressing for scabs. The plaster absorbs secretions and allows the pimple or scab to heal with minimal scarring. Hydrocolloid dressings provide insulation and a moist environment which protects and assists in healing uninfected wounds.

Most suitable for scabs!

Reduces redness and swelling in days
Absorbs secretions
Promotes healing
Barely visible
Can be worn under makeup
Ideal to camouflage isolated acne lesions

Apply MediPatch to a pimple when required. Remove once the patch turns whitish in colour. Replace the patch if further absorption is necessary.

4 patches per box. 20mm x 50mm


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