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Phototherapy is a medical treatment in which natural or artificial light is used to improve a skin condition. Phototherapy is also known as light therapy and heliotherapy. Which type of therapy you need and how the light is used can vary depending on the indication e.g. eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. The preferred wavelength is narrowband ultraviolet B (NB UVB). Phototherapy for skin conditions is generally considered safe. However, side effects include redness, blisters, dry or itchy skin.

Before beginning treatment please check with your healthcare provider if you have any of the below contraindications.

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Family history of skin cancer
  • Liver disease
  • Lupus


Adding phototherapy to your practice can significantly increase the number of patients you treat and widen your scope of practice, while bringing an important service to patients with a variety of skin conditions.

If home therapy is not an option for your patient, in-office phototherapy provides a service that a patient may not have access to otherwise.

The attractive full-body unit encircles the patient completely so that every part of the body is treated at once for the shortest possible exposure times.

For dosimetry units, a special UV sensor measures the intensity of the light and adjusts the treatment time to compensate for any variation in output due to aging of the lamps or other factors. This system gives you the most accurate delivery of ultraviolet light therapy.

Treatments are programmed in just a few simple keystrokes and one touch operation allows you to conveniently begin, pause or resume any treatment.

Available options: UVA 24 lamps, NB UVB 24 lamps or combination NB UVB/UVA 12 lamps each (24 lamps total)

Height: 77” (195.5cm)
Width (w/ stand): 41” (104cm)
Depth: 30.5” (77.5cm)
Depth (doors open): 42” (106.7cm)
Weight (24 lamp): 327 lbs (148kg)

Please note, prices are an estimate and will be confirmed with an updated quotation depending on the model, configuration and location. Payment will be requested via EFT after signed T’s and C’s are received.

Current Price Estimate UV Series:

R 471 999

Prices include VAT, delivery, installation and 2 year warranty with limited labour services provided by SkinTECH. Please contact us for further information or to process an order.

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