MED-UV Excimer Light

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EPL® Excimer Pulsed Light technology has been optimized by GME.

Efficiently treat skin conditions such as: Vitiligo, psoriasis, alopecia areata, atopic dermatitis, mycosis fungoides and lichen planus.

The ExSys has the same emission spectrum as excimer laser: monochromatic UVB light with a wavelength of 308 nm. Therefore, it is not surprising that many clinical trials have shown that pulsed excimer light is as effective as excimer lasers — at a fraction of the cost.

Treatment with the MED-UV 308 is performed once, twice or three times a week, depending on the severity of the condition and the convenience of the patient.

The variety of handpiece covers allows different sized areas to be treated, completely protecting the normal skin from UV light.

Technical specs

100mW (1000 hours of use until lamp replacement required)

MED-UV 308 offers three distinct advantages compared to conventional UVB treatment:

• Exposure of affected areas only → minimizing side effects

• High power density → shortened duration of treatment

• Delivery of high (super-erythemogenic) doses of energy → enhancing efficacy and achieving faster response

MED-UV is currently available from the manufacturer with a 3 week ETA.

Price advertised is an estimate and a quote will be provided at the time of enquiry.

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