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  • Daavlin 1 Series

    Regular Price R75999,00 incl.VAT
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  • Daavlin 7 Series

    Regular Price R189999,00 incl.VAT
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  • Popular

    Daavlin Dermapal

    Regular Price R16999,00 incl.VAT
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  • Daavlin Dermapal NB Lamp

    Regular Price R1725,00 incl.VAT
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  • Sale!

    Daavlin Lamp NB UVB TLO1

    Regular Price R2594,00 incl.VATOn sale price R2195,00 incl.VAT
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  • Daavlin Lamp UVA

    Regular Price R1000,00 incl.VAT
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  • Daavlin M Series

    Regular Price R210999,00 incl.VAT
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