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Phototherapy is a medical treatment in which natural or artificial light is used to improve a skin condition. Phototherapy is also known as light therapy and heliotherapy. Which type of therapy you need and how the light is used can vary depending on the indication e.g. eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. The preferred wavelength is narrowband ultraviolet B (NB UVB). Phototherapy for skin conditions is generally considered safe. However, side effects include redness, blisters, dry or itchy skin.

Before beginning treatment please check with your healthcare provider if you have any of the below contraindications.

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Family history of skin cancer
  • Liver disease
  • Lupus


The Dermapal has a compact, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing design.

The unit plugs into a standard 2 pin power outlet. Ideal for spot treatment of psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo of the skin and scalp. Comb attachment serves as distance gauge from the skin and assists in parting the hair for better penetration during treatment. Only the hand piece is held during treatment.

The high output lamps enable short treatment times (usually starting with 15 seconds per area). The device sits comfortably on a table and is weighted so that it does not glide off when the hand piece is extended.

A highly accurate integrated timer is built into the machine. If treatment is interrupted, it can be paused and re-started from where it was paused. Input of time into the device is very simple on the pad provided.

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