Viticolor 50ml

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This corrective gel durably colours (2 days) depigmented areas. It can be used in conjunction with usual vitiligo treatments, in particular with phototherapy.
Allow tp dry and reapply for a deeper colour match.

Viticolor gel combines:
– colouring agents that immediately colour the skin, thus highlighting the application area.
– pigmentation agents (DHA and Erythrulose), which give a more in-depth and durable colour. This colouring appears a few hours after application.

It is applied with a brush, both to the body and face. Its colouring action effectively hides the depigmentation and improves the quality of life of persons suffering from vitiligo.

SKIN TYPE Vitiliginous
GALENIC Tinted gel
WHEN 1 to 2 times per week
BENEFITS Colours depigmented areas with a long-lasting effect – Face and body

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